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Refer to the "" section of How do I access Red Hat Network (RHN) Classic to download software, updates, and security errata?

, and the RHN FAQ list for information about registering with RHN, subscribing systems, and other common questions regarding RHN.

Demonstrate your understanding of the Linux operating system by earning a Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) certification.

In this course, Scott Simpson helps to familiarize you with the basics of operating a system running Ubuntu, and prepares you for the Operation of Running Systems domain of the LFCS exam.

The kernel and firmware are installed as a Debian package, and so will also get updates when using the procedure above.

These packages are updated infrequently and after extensive testing.

The kernel is the software that directly manages your hardware, allowing application libraries and software like GNOME and Firefox to run on many types of hardware without much difficulty.

Because the Linux kernel is the core component of a GNU/Linux system, a full restart is required to complete the kernel update.

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Check the package documentation to determine what type of kernel will perform best for your processor.

Updating the kernel on your Digital Ocean Droplet is a straight forward process that differs slightly based on the Droplet's operating system.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of updating your kernels for Digital Ocean Droplets.

Changes in Digital Ocean's backend infrastructure have lead to a more modern process that allows users to manage kernels the Droplet.

This provides a more simplified kernel upgrade process for users and integration with the server's software management processes.

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