Iii exchange language dating sites

My first point is about language exchange as a business. Now, if I look at my own students I can see that only one of them does exchange her mother tongue and has language exchange partners. Because she finds it easier to find the right person to practice with in language learning communities and also has the opportunity of getting to know the other person online without the need of meeting them in real life, at least not right from the beginning.

Practicing with language partners is a great way to learn a language. And at the end, I've even thrown in a strategy for squeezing more practice time out of your language partners.

πŸ˜‰ Id like to hear your suggestions, as Im fed up of not talking enough πŸ˜› Hi Shaun, your reply reminds me that I haven't been on Skype for quite a while πŸ˜› ... I found 5-6 contacts through My Language Exchange, and after about a month or so the list was narrowed down to 3 people with whom I regularly talk.

Haven't made any permanent friends through Interpals, but it's still a great website with a nice interface and many options.

What do you think is the best site for language exchange?

Ive tried a few, and never really had any luck with any of them.

Id especcially like a site that you could connect through interest, such as aviation or football or even Fluent in 3 months! I use two sites to find language exchanges: This one was actually the best source so far.But I will also say a word or two about the second type, because they can represent a significant source of practice for you.Luckily, the Web has no shortage of people with whom you can practice a language.You also get to meet people who are not related to your language missions - a bit distracting but also fun.Interesting you should say, I met my girlfriend through Interpals and I've honestly never been happier!

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