Glt liquidating

They are essentially divided into two categories – salvage items and job-outs. Salvage merchandise consists of customer returns, floor damages and samples. The second category of closeout merchandise is job-outs.Due to this mixed assortment, some items may be damaged – however damageable does not always mean unsellable. This category identifies items that were already on a retail floor somewhere and did not sell.

We supply Discount stores, Flea Markets, Online sellers, Auctions, Storage auctions, Yard Sales, Exporters, Etc.

For example, you may buy 100 total units versus four 6-packs of a specific item.

The bulk buy you make is almost always assorted with a variety of items.

First thing is first – let’s discuss just exactly what closeout merchandise is and liquidation sales.

Closeouts are available in many product categories, including clothing, home decor, footwear, accessories, toys and more.

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