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(nothing to see) Nier lemulun mo.’ (See people only.” Ide’ pian.

from rain ada’- ghost ading- by Best Offers" href="#67763267" liquid from the ear adang- expression word for “of course” adat- cultural traits agat- noun form of munching something in the mouth ago- bible ama’- father/dad ame’- go to amek- goat amu’- for younger female sibling amung- all amut/emut- something to plug or stick something angan- cooking pot stand angat-branch anget- a small harmless insect alad- wall alai- dance alaa- extra aleb- knee aleg- don’t ali’- dirt ( stuck on part of body) ali- quietness aling- tool for weeding alud-boat alung- valley aluh- wooden implement for pounding padi grain apak- split wood apu’- grand father or grand mother ara’- don’t want areng- charcoal arit- design arem-ant eater arar-nest arir- a type of small size fish arur- small stream/brook areg- small broken pieces of things asa- something for rubbing/scratching asi’- poverty asang- bamboo container for rubbish etc atang- wooden/metal beam atad- separation/ or atad ineh- like that ba- very babeh- load ( on the back) babui- male hog/pig bada- sand bada’- advice/message badil-canon ( gun type) bang- in/in side baang- hearth/pot stand bara – rice bara’- swell mebara’- swollen barang- things barat – weight/ heaviness mebarat- heavy barat – under ( by Best Offers" href="#72795440" house) bareh- burning ambers barui- strong winds baret- beeds worn around the waist.Frequent catastrophes, such as deadly and widespread plagues and illness, caused by genetically modified crops and mutant pests, ravage entire populations.But they have the big desire meeting horny and willing sexual partners to live their dreams naked young teen pics Chin-grazing and shorter cropped cuts are occupying the leading positions as the most stylish bob versions.thin blond women nude galeriephoto gay arabe Its actually awesome piece of writing, I have got much clear idea.

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