Dating don vito

Bam wants to see if Phil, who is obese, can go without food for twenty four hours.

Bam tells his family and friends "Don't Feed Phil," puts up flyers and billboards saying the same around town, and has everyone take turns watching him.

As a result of his 2006 arrest, the stunts involving Don Vito were removed from the theatrical and DVD release of Jackass Number Two, but several stunts were briefly shown in previews leading up to his arrest.

Bam and his friends also went to Spring Break in 2006 for "Viva La Spring Break".The nickname referred to his near unintelligible speech reminiscent of Don Vito Corleone, of The Godfather, as well as saluting the Margera family's Italian heritage.He had previously appeared in sketches and videos with his family, most of whom were released as part of the CKY series and some later featured in Jackass. 5-8 14 Aug 05 Finlandia The home sites for this guide are for show info and for episode details.Vincent Roy Margera (July 3, 1956 – November 15, 2015), commonly known as Don Vito, was an American reality television personality.

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