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But it’s only a matter of time until you’ll be signing on at the local jobcentre with the rest of them. What it means is that they remain competitive compared to their competitors by paying the lowest salaries in the market.

If a company were paying a really good salary, they’d be proud of it and display it to attract the very best candidates.

Nobody really gives a shit because the company is on its last legs and it is only a matter of time before it folds.

It’s going to be a blast working there for a while with lazy lunch hours, afternoons in the pub, and wearing whatever you damn well want.

So one moment I want you, but the next, I’m drowning in regret over our last encounter and deleting your number.

Only to add it back again later, because you bet your ass I memorized that shit. But it’s your job to bend over backwards trying to convince me otherwise, cause years of being jilted by ex lovers and having my expectations shattered have turned me into one insecure, desperate SOB.

He says: "Seriously, I've been thinking about you all day."He means: "Seriously, I've been thinking about making out with you all day." Or at least that's what he's been thinking about from the moment you walked into the room and distracted him from his video games!

"Get her jersey" verb: to get a girl's cell number (like the digits on the back of an athlete's shirt)."Jumping the grenade" verb: to sacrifice yourself by hooking up with a not-so-cute girl so your buddies can score with her hot friends.3-second rule noun: the vow to approach a cute girl in the first seconds you spot her so you don't chicken out.

The personals section of Craigslist is broken down into nine main categories (women seeking men, men seeking women, etc.) and two other categories (miscellaneous romance and adult services). Craigslist is known for being a free and easy-to-use classifieds website, making it a popular website.

But Americans have bought into the hype, scared off of their perfectly good food by warnings of salmonella and worse.

In actuality, properly stored food can last quite a bit longer than what the “Sell By” date suggests.

While online dating can be a great resource, you should always be open to sharpening your game for meeting women and your realtionships.

Make sure to check out our dating tips page for great dating advice from our team and pickup artists like David De Angelo.

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