Catholic boy dating jewish girl

Please tell me what I should do, my parents say “no way.” Help.

She loves me as much but religious beliefs are getting in the way.

In fact, I couldn't find Jewish males who were content to date by going to Shabbat services. The two relationships I had, one refused and the other fell asleep They also had to know Hebrew so I could learn from them. Jewish guys with the "way cool" looks (Robert Downey Jr.

types, he's part Jewish) in So Cal have NO problems dating "shixas" (gentile girls).

As a divorced female Jew, I never considered marrying a non-Jew. I'll give you my California observations as a gentile. We become concert pianists more often than you'd expect. We score better than almost everyone else on the latest Pew test to gauge how much Americans know about religion.The data confused me, so I tried not to think about it. This was a part of our Jewishness (which is not to say that all of these things aren't also a vital part of other people's religious and cultural identities).Sometimes people in the subway ask me if I'm Jewish. He grew up in a family that celebrated Christmas but didn't otherwise participate in Christian practices. But beyond that, another Jew might better understand me, on a deeper, spiritual level. He would almost certainly be better able to raise Jewish children, because he'd be prepared to teach them scales and arpeggios on the piano and the blessing over the challah.The Jews handing out Shabbat candles and propaganda booklets on campus used to stop me every time I walked by. Judaism is a much more diverse group than it's given credit for, but I just happen to fit a lot of the old ashkenazic stereotypes. He doesn't bother to define himself religiously or call himself an atheist. He would have a special way of looking at the world that would match my special way of looking at the world. One of the Jews I dated made it very clear that he looked down on me, just a little, for not being quite the right kind of Jew. God was not called "he." Another Jew I dated thought I wasn't devoted enough to Israel.

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